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The Deena

The Deena is our signature fly and our absolute favorite streamer. This fly accounts for thousands of trout every year. We have fished this fly all over the country with fantastic results. The Deena is effective for largemouth, smallmouth and walleyes as well as trout. I fish white Deenas for trout, crappies, white bass and hybrids.

The Deena is tied on a size 8, 3X hook, and available in olive and white. $2.50 ea.


The Beadhead Deena

We use this version of the Deena in deeper or turbid water or on occasions when we just want a brighter fly. $2.75 ea.

The Misfit Midge

The Misfit is a great attractor /emerger. I use this fly when I see fish feeding on or just below the surface. Just cast the fly above and beyond the fish and strip it back with short hard strips. This fly also fishes well on the swing. Use a 9 to 10 foot leader with a two foot tippet. Make sure to tie the fly on with a loop knot.

Available in green, smolt blue and red. $2.75 ea.


The Beadhead Misfit

The Beadhead Misfit is my favorite attractor. Fish this fly when fish are coming up or when there are no fish signs. Just like the Misfit, fish this fly with short hard strips. Just raise the rod when you get a hit. The fish will usually set the hook for you. This fly is one of my favorite brown trout flies. Use a long leader and tie the fly on with a loop knot.

Available in green, smolt blue and red. $2.75 ea.



The MEHO is our go to midge. The MEHO has a budding wing case for an emerger. If you want a pupa, just snip off the wing case buds. We usually fish this fly under an indicator on a 7X tippet. Tie the fly on to your tippet with a loop knot.

Available in size 20 or 22 in black and brown. $2.50 ea.

The CDC No Elk

The CDC No Elk can be fished as a dry fly, a damp fly or stripped as an emerger. This is our first choice when fish are rising. If the are rising on the surface, drit it as a dry. If they are feeding in the film, cast the fly ahead and past the fish, drift it to them and strip it back aggressively. It's a lot of fun to see them chase the fly and see wakes of moving fish behind your fly. Don't set the hook. Strip them all of the way on to your hook. Use as long a leader as you can cast. I like to use a two foot tippet.

Available in a size 16 in grey. $2.50 ea.

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